As I am writing this, it’s the end of July. Mid summer. Only one more month before the kids may or may not go back to school. There are so many unknowns at the moment.

I have been spending so much time at the cottage this summer because all of my races have been cancelled. I am creating memories this summer in a whole new way.

It’s the start fo the long weekend and traditionally, this would have been ending a week long vacation with my family, Because of the pandemic, our schedules had to be re-adjusted and this is now the start of my week long vacation. Ah! Summer.

While today is my day off, I came up last night, by myself and met up with my Momma. Today, we head off and enjoy a nice pickerel dinner, and of course an ice cream cone, from one of the local chip stands. It nice. A day to spend with my Momma. Just the two of us as we wait for the rest of the family to join us.

While this has been a different that usual summer, I am embracing it. While I miss tradition, I am enjoying some of the newness this summer is bringing us.

One more month. It’s time to create the bucket list of the things that I would like to do before the summer is over. Eating good corn on the cob outdoors and more campfires are on my list. A weekend with my BFF and biking to the golf course are a few more things that I want to make sure happen before the fall.

This week, I will have my family create their list as well. Then, make the time to make them happen.

What is on your list for the rest of summer?

WE would love to hear from you.