In the first month of the pandemic, I decided this was the opportunity to try something new. I bough a pair of Kangoo jumps. If you have never seen them, imagine if a ski boot would have a baby with moon shoes. That’s the kangoo jumps.

Everything was closed, but there is a local trainer who posted herself and her family doing classes on FB lives. I got my boots, set the laptop ready for me to jump. Oh boy! They make it look so easy. First, try walking in them. Yikes. It’s hard. You are staying so tall and the bottom of the boot is curved. What was I thinking.

But, since I paid a pretty penny for them, I decided I better make this work. After a few times walking around, I started getting comfortable. A friend then told me to start bouncing, letting me in on a little secret. It’s much easier to bound than it it to stay still in the boots. She was right.

Alright. I have the boots, I’m getting comeofrabale. Now to start the class. I lasted a whole 5 minutes. Five, that’s it. FIVE MINUTES. I was sweating and breathing was laboured. I had to stop. Sure, I can run a 5K, no problem, but I can only bounce for 5 minutes!

The same friend told me it gets easier. SO, I stayed with it. Eventually, I was able t complete 20 minutes. But man, does it ever make me sweat. It certainly a workout.

Fast forward a few months. It’s now August. In Ontario we are in Stage 3, which means that things are opening up again. Fitness classes are being held outdoors. I decided it was time to join my friends Tammy and Kara (with Jaye and Rachel) for my very first outdoor Fit Babes Bounce class. It was an hour long class and while time went by quickly, at some points, it seemed to drag on. I was tired and at some point, the 25-30 minute mark, I wanted to quit. But because my friends were in the class, well, I didn’t. I stuck with it.

I have to say, that I am absolutely loving the Kangoo Bounce classes. They are the highlight of my week. I look forward to attending the small outdoor classes.

It has certainly got a little easier, but I still feel the workout. Im still drenched in sweat when I am done, and I feel fantastic.

If you are thinking of trying a class, do it. give it a try. Have fun doing it.