My middle child is now at the age where he should be getting his learners permit and divers licence. While I always thought I would be the Mom who would take their kids out to practice driving, I have to admit, that after an incident with the oldest child, I am a little scared.

You see, my Kida have driven a battery operated jeep when they were young, driven their bikes a little growing up. Now they drive a golf cart occasionally. They really haven’t been practicing for this.

Back in my day (thanks Dave Jackson for that). Just kidding.

When I was 10, I would drive a 4 wheeler around the property with a trailer attached, helping my parents with some yard work. The way they got me to help was to let me drive the 4 wheeler. I grew up with a motorcycle. I drove my bike everywhere. We even drove an old Datsun truck from the lake to the back of the property to dump the weeds we raked from the shore earlier that day. But my kids haven’t had the same experience.

As I was chatting with my cousin the other day, I recalled a story about her father. I remember being 14 years old and the only child at a dinner party. I must have been loud or something, but I don’t remember that part. My uncle suggested my Dad give me the keys to the car so I can practice my skill of backing up.

He set up a trailer in the huge drive way in the country. He went through the a few things and had me practice backing in beside a car. I must have practiced a thousand times. Then he told me to come in from the other side.

Every 30-40 minutes, he would change it up and make it a little harder. I must have been out there for 2 hours. Im not exaggerating.

From that experience, I can back in to a space, no problem. I am more comfortable backing into a space than I am pulling into a space.

Looking back, reflecting on the situation, while they just wanted me out of their hair for the afternoon, I learnt a valuable skill.

I may just have to allow my children the time to practice in a safe environment, to give them the same opportunity that I had.

When did you learn to drive? Do you have story to share? We would love to hear from you.

Till next time, have a great active week.