As a triathlete, I know that consistent training is the key to success. That also applied in other aspect of my life. Even with the best intentions, consistency sucks. Somedays it’s hard.

The first week, I ride the high of something new. The second week, it starts getting hard. But the third week is where most people fall off the wagon. That is when it’s most important to hang in there. To keep going and to push through the excuses.

While that is great advice, it’s not exactly what I did this past week. Nope! I knew that my schedule was hectic on the Thursday, so I planned to skip my ride and to double up on the Friday.

BUT, I didn’t plan when I was going to get these rides in. I don’t make the plan, so it didn’t happen. Since I had the rest of the day to get it done, it didn’t get done.

Saturday, I got busy planning and preparing an anniversary and engagement party. By the time I finally had a little bit of time, it was dark outside and no access to a trainer.

Sunday I had every intention on getting my ride in. I went to bed early on Saturday, so I can wake up a little earlier on Sunday to ride. Thunder and lightning changed my plans. URGH!

Naturally, I should have gotten back in the saddle on Monday. But see, I didn’t get it done first thing in the morning. I was tired. Went to bed way too late on Sunday night, so I slept the extra hour in the morning. When I got home that night, I cleaned the fridge, did a load of laundry and then went running with my friends. AS soon as I got home, I went grocery shopping. By the time I was done all of that, It was bed time.

Tuesday. more excuses. You see, besides the Thursday, when I had intentionally skipped the day because of my working and commuting commitments, every other missed workout was just an excuse. OK, the thunder and lightning was a legitimate safety concern. However, the storm didn’t last all day. When the storm let up, I could very well have gone for a ride. Even 30 minutes would have been better than nothing. They were all excuses. Plain and simple. I didn’t make it a priority.

BUT, Wednesday was the day that I got back in the saddle. I woke up at 4:00am and drove to the gym to ride 30 and complete my 25 minutes of conditioning.

The cycling challenge that I signed up for, had me cycle 21 days in 23 days. While I knew this would be hard, I knew I could do it. The physical toughness was nothing compared to the mental toughness to get through this.

I am going to finish this thing. Im going to get all 21 rides in. I did 9 days in a row. Now to do the next 12 done. I am going to persevere. Im going to plan. No excuses.

Do you have a story where you fell off track and then decided you were going to get up on the saddle once again. We would love to hear from you.