It’s June and my youngest child is graduating from grade 8. While it didn’t seem like a big deal when I was a kid, it seems to be a bigger deal these days. Actually the grade 8 trip was a rite of passage in my day. The one thing that we looked forward to from the time we were in grade 4 was the grade 8 class trip.

My son missed out on his grade 8 class trip, an overnight camp as well as their trip to watch a Blue Jays game. He also missed out on the graduation experience in the gym, in front of all the parents and the dance at the golf course afterwards. He missed out on the suit buying experience as well.

While the pandemic changed things, the staff made the experience feel special. Yesterday, my sons teachers as well as the principal and vice principal showed up in front of our home with music, speeches and awards.

My son, the class valedictorian, recorded his speech on the weekend with his classmate and follow class valedictorian. It will be released tomorrow. I look forward to watching it.

While I am seeing so many pictures on Facebook of my sons class mates, I am hesitant to post a picture on Social Media. You see, my kids have decided they no longer wanted to be featured on my social media. While it’s hard, as I post so much of my life online, I must respect their wishes.

Update: I cannot say enough amazing things about the school. They have gone over and beyond my expectations for this years quarantine graduation. After they visited dropped off a personalized graduate sign, showed up at our house for a distanced personal graduation presentation, they put together a graduation ceremony program with video links to each segments. Tears rolled down as I sat watching each presentation. So much time and love has been put into this project.

While my youngest child is graduating, I now get to watch my friends 3 children grow within the school.