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We have been busy here Insight with Lise.   I would like to welcome Nichole Hemming.  She is our newest member of the team.

Lise Waltenbury

I am a busy mother to 3 boys and a wife to a wonderful supportive, workaholic husband.  I work almost full time in a job that I absolutely love,  with a long commute (that I don’t like too much).  As a triathlete recovering  from Adrenal fatigue and low iron levels,  I have learned the importance of getting enough sleep.  In my spare time, I love to volunteer in my community.

I look forward to hearing from all of you through your recorded comments. Here at Insight with Lise, we love your stories and we would love to share them with our audience.

Send your mp3 recording to trichatlg@gmail.com and we will play them our new podcast. Be sure to add Insight podcast as the subject line. 


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